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A letter from Lori Power, owner of Power Music & Dance

Thank you to all who came out to our grand opening today. It was a huge success despite one incident, which I will address in a moment (continue reading below...)

The support and love we received from the community is indescribable. Lots of familiar faces, but also lots of new faces and, most importantly, beaming smiles from kids who are so excited to start singing and dancing. We had performances from our performing group, The Power Kids, and I was excited to be able to sing as well. We had an amazing clogging and ballet demonstration along with a very fun and eventful percussion class.

As to the incident mentioned above, I would like to apologize to anyone who was at the grand opening event and might have heard some distasteful music that was played by one of our new instructors during one of the demonstrations. Please know that I have very strict policies regarding things like this, and I will not tolerate anything that is not kid-friendly. Because of this, we have chosen to part ways with the instructor who did not abide by our policy, and she will no longer be teaching classes at our studio. Until we are able to find a suitable instructor to replace her, our phenomenal ballet instructor will be teaching lyrical and I will take over the hip-hop classes.

Once again, thank you to everyone who joined us today. We, at Power Music & Dance, look forward to a long and successful relationship with all of you as we work to give your children fun, positive pathways to creative expression and the performing arts.


Lori Power

Owner of Power Music & Dance


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