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Apply for a Grant!

Nov 16, 2023 UPDATE: Grant applications for the 2023-24 are now OPEN. Please visit to apply!

For those looking for some assistance with tuition, we would like to announce that we have been selected as a vendor for Idaho’s Empowering Parents grant for families. We are now listed on the Odyssey website as a vendor that you can select for use of your funds. Scroll down for more info...

Eligibility Requirements

This program is run by Odyssey, in partnership with the Idaho State Board of Education, and is available to people who meet the following requirements :

  1. Resident of Idaho

  2. Submitted an individual tax return for calendar year 2021, or were exempt from filing and filed a Form 40

  3. Have children in grades K-12 living in Idaho

All vendors who are integrated into the Empowering Parents online marketplace platform must have been pre-approved, and we are thrilled to now be one of the officially approved vendors. Families will be able to use grant funds to help pay for dance and/or music classes at Power Music & Dance.

UPDATE: Applications for the 2023-24 are now OPEN. Please visit to apply!


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